local tapas & wine curated with heart

Hidden in the heart of Lubbock, Texas, there is a spark of brilliance called La Diosa Cellars, a bistro with enough warmth and flavor to honor the owner’s Spanish heart. Enjoy a classic gazpacho, imported cheeses, or any of their inspired cuisine with a carefully chosen artisan wine from around the globe, while immersing yourself in an evening of plush chairs, warm lighting, and eclectic music. Whether you join us for a light lunch, a drink with friends, or the full dining experience, La Diosa Cellars will keep you coming back!


About the Owner

An interior designer by trade, Sylvia met her husband, Winemaker Kim McPherson, in Los Angeles. He brought her back to Texas and they married in 1979. For several years Sylvia worked in the interior design business, but by the early 2000s she had begun to yearn for a different creativity outlet—perhaps one that could be productively parallel to the Texas wine industry to which her husband dedicated his passion. Downtown Lubbock’s renaissance has been a driving force behind Sylvia’s passion. When she found the old building in the depot district, she knew she had found the perfect spot. Lubbock became “wet” in 2003, and Sylvia hit upon the idea—La Diosa Cellars was born in January of 2004. She designed the space around an eclectic collection of design elements, furnishings, fabulously outlandish lighting fixtures and textures. The menu is a delightful and sensuous romp through some of the best traditional tapas, as well as unique innovations on the classics.