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—  a few of our favorites—

our menu changes seasonally, a rotating offering of local favorites and new inspirations. below is a sample of our favorites. 

—  Albondigas de Madrid—     La Diosa’s signature meatballs: blended with freshly diced red onion, garlic, and jalapeño bathed in our own Marsala wine sauce
—  Angelina—
Small baguette toasts beneath a savory fresh goat cheese spread topped with a Spanish style onion marmalade, broiled and finished with prosciutto crisps
—  Santo Burillo  —
Solomillo al Whisky is a tapa indigenous to Seville. This delicately flavored dish boasts  tender slices of braised pork tenderloin in a garlic whisky and brandy sauce.
          — Lorena  —       Empanadas with a twist. Ancho chili shredded beef sweetened with golden raisins and caramelized onions inside puff pastry, topped with cilantro creme fraîche.       $14
—  Diego's Torta  —          Baguette baked and spread with spicy tomato sauce filled with sliced ham, salami, pepperoni, meatballs, provolone cheese,  mozzarella, red peppered olives, finished with baby arugula.
                —  Sardinias—                   Broiled Spanish petite sardines floating in roasted garlic butter, lemon, parsley, and dill with a delicate splash of sherry. Served with sliced baguette. $12
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